Managed Wireless Connectivity

Xitell offers carrier class managed wireless metro services for building to building, campus and large geographic areas. Xitell's offering provides for technology solutions from multiple vendors offering performance from T1 speeds (1.5Mbps) to gigabit speeds (1,000Mbps) depending on the application requirements. Offered as a managed service, the Xitell solution provides customers a high up-time and restore SLA along with zero management of the metro wireless network solution. Competing with land line based solutions, Xitell's wireless offering can provide higher performance and availability at a lower overall cost for performance.

Towers and Infrastructure

Xitell Communication provides a single solution under one contract with multiple vendor options including towers and mounting to meet all metro wireless construction requirements. Xitell provides for top quality towers, mounts, antennas and construction that will provide high availability and resilience designed specifically for the weather conditions and the building construction requirements for any facility. By providing a strong foundation for radios and antennas, Xitell's wireless solutions experience superior uptime to most land based wired solutions through all weather conditions. RF signal is designed specific to each environment considering precipitation, wind and snow.

Line of Site and Near Line of Site Solutions

Wireless networking often requires visibility from site to site. However when line of sight is not possible, Xitell offers near and non-line of site wireless equipment. Xitell's solutions wrap technology and support to create a one stop carrier offering for metro wireless networking. Working with multiple vendors, Xitell can design a network to meet specific customer requirements and offers end to end support services custom designed for each customer's needs. Xitell's offering is based on technology from Cisco System, Dragonwave, Bridgewave and Orthogon and includes support for other vendors wireless networking where applicable.

Service, Support and Monitoring

Xitell's managed offering is backed by Xitell's stellar service and support provide since 2012 in the industry. Backed by 24 hour, 365 day coverage for any outage, Xitell staffs climbers and RF experts for any customer calls within the SLA agreement. In addition, Xitell's IP Watch monitoring provides link availability and signal strength information on most products to not only assure links are operational but also to provide for pre-failure and performance degradation alerting to Xitell's 24*7*365 contact center.

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