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Your data center is the heartbeat of your IT operation. But is i t providing the processing power you need as efficiently as possible? How have you managed the integration of cloud based technologies to take advantage of what the cloud offers? Benefits such as lower CAPX, greater scalability, reduced deployment times and increased flexibility make cloud a key part of any data center strategy. Xitell  offers Data Center Solutions that deliver robust computing capabilities along with simplified management, and streamlined operations for your private or hybrid cloud solution. Xitell Data Center Solutions are built with a programmable infrastructure on open standards which results in a superior computing environment that reduces risk and lower costs. Xitell’s broad range of data center capabilities are a key to any solution we design and deploy. Xitell is committed to providing a full range of life-cycle services including assessment, analysis, physical design, technical design, build and management services for complex computing environments. We feature solutions from global leaders that are delivered by our team of manufacturer certified design, deployment and support resources that ensure that when it comes to Data Center Solutions, Xitell is Always Leading!

  • Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Security Architecture Specialization

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