Network Monitoring and Support

A Network Operations Center built with a purpose – your company’s productivity.

Through years of experience in working with Network Operations Centers, Xitell has developed a unique and well-rounded perspective on how to provide value through monitoring services. It’s not just dials, graphs, and trend lines – the real value lies in avoiding outages and minimizing the impact if they do occur

Addressing Today’s Challenges

The diverse nature of today’s Local and Wide Area Networks creates support challenges for many organizations. Xitell Managed Services offerings address these challenges by providing specialized resources to support your network.

Xitell’s advanced Network Operations Center (or NOC) is the foundation for delivering services that ensure your network remains highly available. From our NOC, we monitor the health of your network to ensure applications, links, network hardware, servers, and bandwidth are performing as expected. Network performance data or device alerts that are generated by network devices are routed to our NOC where our 24/7 technical staff quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network outages and performance issues.

Service Benefits

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Network issues are identified and addressed before they result in outages.
  • Expedited response times
  • Network issues are identified as soon as they occur.
  • Heterogeneous Support
  • Leverage the breadth of experience available through Xitell’s extensive technical staff to support a wide range of technologies.
  • Budgeting Predictability
  • Xitell can provide a fixed expense for network support – from steady-state maintenance to pre-determined upgrade paths.

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