Conferencing Solutions

Increase productivity, accelerate business processes, and reduce travel time and costs with Xitell's full range of business conferencing solutions. These solutions integrate audio, video, and web conferencing capabilities to give online meetings a natural and effective in-person quality resulting in high quality communications.

For C-level executives, sales, HR, customer service, education and training, R&D, engineering and product development, video conferencing makes meeting over distance just like being there - but with the advantage of substantially increased productivity. Sentinel provides the link between the increasing capabilities of today's systems and intimate knowledge of the IP network data backbone. Sentinels expertise for tuning or transforming existing local and wide area networks to support advanced conferencing systems and applications is the differentiator that makes Sentinel a vital asset for your conferencing solution deployment.

Powerful Online Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco MeetingPlace solutions make online meetings more effective with a powerful feature set for productive and efficient meetings anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Business Benefits: Enhance Productivity, Improve Efficiency

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center facilitates effective collaboration. You can:

  • Meet anywhere, anytime, on any device worldwide
  • Collaborate in real time to keep projects on track
  • Eliminate the need for lengthy review cycles over email
  • Build tighter relationships with face-to-face meetings using video
  • Save time and money by reducing travel

HD Video and TelePresence Solutions

TelePresence solutions take interaction and collaboration to a new level. You also get any-to-any interoperability with most standard-definition (SD) and HD video conferencing. Xitell offers a broad range of Cisco telepresence systems for everyone, everywhere. This diverse range of endpoints provide rich, face-to-face collaborative experiences that deliver the "power of in-person." From the mobile worker to the desktop, to team collaboration rooms, to the executive boardroom and more... it's easy to see how productive you can be.

Immersive Experience

Immersive systems let you walk into a dedicated telepresence conference room and conduct a meeting with colleagues from across the globe as if everyone were in the same location. It's that easy. With true-to-life quality and exacting details to enhance "in-person" collaboration, you won't miss a single visual nuance with immersive telepresence.

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Multipurpose Experience

Multipurpose team telepresence systems are ideal for turning meeting rooms of all sizes into telepresence rooms. The systems are fully interoperable with standards-based video phones, PC-based video solutions, or third-party telepresence systems. Your teams can collaborate more productively with high-definition telepresence systems that combine excellent user experience with true-to-life quality for rich interaction.

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Personal Experience

Cisco personal telepresence solutions give users across the organization access to the one of the most powerful video collaboration tools available. With solutions that can fit on your desk or sit on your PC or Mac, they are ideal for home offices, telecommuting, and on-the-go applications. Cisco's personal telepresence solutions allow you to easily integrate video with your workplace tools, access phone books, and always be in visual contact with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

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