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Xitell's Technology Area Design consultants are Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs), the building industry's highest certification in technology design. Members of the Building Industry Consulting Services International, or BICSI, we are leading experts in the areas of voice and data cabling, optical fiber and coaxial cabling. Additionally, we specialize in the design and specification of technology areas such as computer rooms and NOCs, audiovisual systems, security systems and the operational integration of all technology platforms. Our inhouse AutoCAD facility also allows us to prepare construction-ready drawings for all aspects of technology delivery and integration, and our specification documents adhere strictly to the CSI MasterFormat™ standards.

Xitell's technology area design team provides complete assessments based on accepted industry open standards. If you're still exploring your options, we will provide complete information based on open standards for any manufacturer, in any situation. In addition to this standards based approach, Xitell's many industry partnerships provide us unique expertise on your exact technology situation, detailed technical information on servers, wireless, storage, and networking systems are a phone call away for our design consultants. We can rapidly tailor your assessments for all short- and long-term needs.

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