Digital Media Systems

Bring a human touch to business by connecting with your customers, employees, partners, or students anywhere, at any time through a Digital Media System. Increase sales, enhance customer experience, and facilitate learning with the Cisco Digital Media System, a comprehensive suite of digital signage, enterprise TV, and desktop video applications.

Xitell offers the latest in advanced video distribution capabilities which provides a flexible and comprehensive solution for digital signage and desktop video that makes it easy to create, manage, publish, and access high-quality digital media for compelling communications. Xitell DMS is a comprehensive offering of webcasting and video sharing, digital signage and business IPTV applications that can help transform how your business and its people learn, grow, communicate, and collaborate.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Compelling global communications
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved marketing and branding
  • Quick and effective training for new product and service introductions
  • Live and on-demand video broadcasts
  • Competitive advantage

Xitell offers Digital Media Suite provides customers in many different industries with innovative tools for marketing, sales, education and training, communication, and collaboration. Industry examples include the following:

    Education for both higher and K-12

  • Extend the learning environment by delivering on-demand lectures and materials to desktops and live broadcasts to the classrooms and dorm rooms and provide schedules, news, emergency messaging, and relevant information on digital signs around campus.
  • Government

  • Provide live and on-demand web-based access to meetings and events. Use digital displays to provide useful information for people waiting in line in government offices to help speed transactions and reduce perceived wait time.
  • Healthcare

  • Share relevant healthcare and location information through digital signs around the hospital. Offer cost-effective training options for hospital personnel.
  • Retail

  • Use digital media to reach customers with targeted marketing and promotions on digital signs at the point of purchase locations to drive sales, throughout the store to improve in-store customer experience and satisfaction, and through the web; and the cost of marketing programs can be reduced compared to traditional signage based on physical media.

Xitell offers a variety of purpose built video distribution solutions from industry leaders as well as partnerships to create the content that will make the power of video work for your organization.


The Cisco Digital Media System is a comprehensive suite of applications for digital signage, desktop video, and interactive TV over the IP network.

  • Cisco Digital Signs - Enhance the customer experience, deliver companywide communications and training, and boost sales with this network-based digital signage application.
  • Cisco Show and Share - Share ideas and expertise, optimize global video collaboration, and personalize connections between customers, employees, and students with this webcasting and video sharing application that supports the creation of secure video communities and user-generated content.
  • Cisco Cast - Deliver live and on-demand video and broadcast TV channels over IP to digital screens with this business IPTV application.


For more information on video solutions by Cisco, go to:

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